Looking for Pet-Friendly Resorts For A Vacation With Your Pet?

Pet adoption is growing day by day and especially in these stressed times pets provide that much-needed joy and stress relief. Needless to say, if people have pets, they will want to bring them along to vacations. However, there is a big dearth of pet-friendly resorts in India but slowly some of the hospitality players have recognized this need and have turned their properties into pet-friendly hotels and resorts.

We assume that you have done enough research if you are looking for a vacation to travel with your furry friend. Your search ends here! Leading this charge is Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Manesar and Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Goa which offer some of the best pet-friendly hotels in India providing a haven for pet vacations.

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Manesar is located very conveniently near Gurgaon in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) and is an easy drive with your pet from Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and even Jaipur. It is an expansive Haveli-style resort with a lot of open spaces including some spaces specifically curated for pets and on reaching here you would be delighted with the greenery and openness while being so close to Gurgaon.

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Goa is strategically located in a picturesque section of South Goa, just 2 minutes walk from Arossim Beach, and is convenient not only for Goa residents but also a nice drivable destination with your pet from nearby cities such as Pune, Mumbai, and even Bengaluru.

Heritage Village Resorts have planned a seamless guest experience not just to keep your pet happy about its outing but to keep you equally joyous on your break from city life. At Heritage Village Resorts, we ensure everything to make your pet’s vacation comfortable. Our pet services are specially curated according to you and your pet’s needs. From sleeping beds to special pet food menus, we make your favourite holiday destination your pet’s favourite holiday destination as well.

It is necessary not to overlook your pet’s diet. We have a wide range of delicious dishes to choose from our pet menu. Our pet menu has not just pet food but also has dishes that both you and your furry friend can share. Oh yes, let us reiterate that we have dishes that can be enjoyed by both you and your pet together without compromising on nutrition.

We also offer emergency pet check-ups if your four-legged friend develops some unforeseen complications so you can rest assured that your stay with your pet would be completely safe and enjoyable. But here is an important tip for you! It's advised to get your pet checked before taking him along especially if you are planning to come to us on a long drive.

Pet Parks are widely loved and definitely trending these days and even here Heritage Village Resorts & Spa Manesar has its very own pet garden named Furry Garden. Bring your pets to the Furry Garden and set them off-leash to unveil their buoyant energy, happiness, and fun. Our garden is equipped with various rides and games to make your pet’s day! The furry garden offers slides, wooden/stone pug marks, hammocks, etc. And is there a pet park without fetching? Find the automatic ball fetcher and frisbees to keep your pet on its toes. There’s a pet hurdle race for your pet to be competitively happy and sharp enough. All these activities make a pet’s brain sharper and make it easy for them to grasp things. A little bit of fun with learning is always great. Excited already? We have more!

Keep your pet fit with our specially designed Doga classes. Doga classes are inspired by human Yoga classes. It is proven that even pets need to stay as fit to be as productive. There are certain stretches and Yoga poses that are beneficial for your furry friend to keep healthy. Furry Garden also has the famous pet treadmills and pet jogs. Who doesn’t like a fit pet who can be your workout partner?

Furthermore, a pet shop is also in-house so you can flatter your pet with surprise gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us in this pet-affair. All you need to do is pack your pet’s bag with essentials as you pack yours.

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