Yoga Session

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa offers you the perfect platform for you to embark on a spiritual journey during your stay with us. Yoga should be treated as an integral part of one's lifestyle as it conditions the mind, body and soul. Participate in a Yoga session led by a trained instructor.  

Live Band Performances

If you love spending time with your loved ones grooving to electrifying live music performances, then look no further! Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa hosts live performances by talented bands that will certainly leave you wanting more!

Fun Games and Classes

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa, is a resort with activities in South Goa for people of all ages including Darts 69, Mini Soccer, and Treasure Hunt. Guests could also sign up for a dance and guitar classes during their stay!  

Excursions and Activities

We offer a range of excursions and activities that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Tuk-Tuk Ride

The Tuk-Tuk is a popular three-wheeled vehicle powered by a motor and is often found in south-east Asian countries. At our property, we offer a tuk-tuk ride for those that wish to commute through this mode of transportation. 

Rumpus/Fun Zone

Step into the ultimate games room – The Rumpus, where fun knows no bounds and excitement fills the air. This dedicated space is a haven for children, offering a variety of thrilling activities that are sure to keep your children entertained. Challenge your friends to a friendly game of Carom, showcase your mind skills on Connect 4, or test your reflexes with a game of Jenga . For those who prefer a digital adventure, immerse yourself in the world of gaming with the latest Play Station 5 and high-definition screen. With comfortable bean bags and a lively atmosphere, the Rumpus is the perfect spot to gather, compete, and create unforgettable memories with friends and family.

Movie Time

If your kids love watching movies, let them sit back, relax and watch their favourite movies during their stay with us at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa.  

This activity is for kids only.