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Here is our list of things to do in South Goa

couple relaxing on the beach

Beach Picnics

Make your way to Arossim Beach and treat yourself and yours to a memorable outing. With a hamper full of goodies whipped up by our expert chefs, your loved ones for company, and the calming and joyous vibes of the beach, picnics just don't get any better and remain one of the best things to do in South Goa.


men on their e-bikes


Explore your way around Goa and contribute to the environment while doing so. How, you ask? Our e-bikes, of course! Try something apart from the regular water activities in South Goa - explore Goa and everything it has to offer while comfortably riding around on e-bikes and taking in sights that the city has to offer.


a family of 4 on the beach

Sunset Beach Walk

With the gorgeous Arossim Beach situated just 2 minutes away from our resort, you need not venture too far out to take in the magnificent beauty that beaches have to offer. Take a walk along the golden coastline, soak in beautiful views of the sunset, and feel rejuvenated like never before.


people enjoying their drinks

Secret Food Trail

Make sure you get your taste buds ready, and we serve some delicious items - for both vegetarians and non - vegetarians. We snack on a variety of sweet, savory and special items known only to the locals. You visit spots where these delicacies are best prepared in the Latin quarter of Goa. Not only will they keep you satisfied, and at the same time, you will crave more. The names of the places, as well as the dishes, are to be disclosed only once you join us. Also included in the trail are some untold stories about the city, and some fun facts and trivia about the food, drinks and places.


aerial view of an island in goa

Island Exploration

The island of Dveepvattika, or Divar as we presently know is the only major Island in Goa not connected by road. Flanked by Old Goa and Raibandar, this Island was once home to famous temples of Goa including the Saptkoteshwar Temple, the family deity of the Kadambas. As history would have it, it was one of the first places captured by the Portuguese in Goa. On the Divar Exploration, we explore the major religious monuments on the island, a temple pond dating back nearly a thousand years.

This island is a surprise to the common man and will leave you mesmerized with its untouched beauty.

exterior view of latin quarters in goa

The Latin Quarters

While some buildings may be a little faded, there’s no denying that the maze of narrow, winding lanes in the Latin Quarter of Panjim, are oozing with charm and atmosphere. This neighbourhood, dating back to colonial times, has retained its character over the years with its whitewashed churches and colourful heritage homes. It’s a great place to explore and even get a little lost. Amongst the cheerfully painted homes, you’ll also most likely stumble across some charming souvenir shops and quirky art galleries displaying artwork by Indian and a few international artists.

If you are planning to visit Goa, and want to see more than just beaches and shacks, then Divar is precisely the place to start.


lemonade in two copper glasses

Signature Cocktails at The Blue Lagoon

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa promises all kinds of quirky activities for you. Thus, Blue Lagoon lets you get your hands on curating cocktails! With our Skilled bartenders by your side, you can now learn to experiment with mixology. So, take a time out and come to our bar in Goa for concocting and drinking some signature cocktails!

people on a boat at chorao

The Nature Trail at Chorao

Ilhas Dos Fidalgos - The Island of the Noblemen. This is the name Chorao was known as by the Portuguese, who captured this as one of their first conquests of 451- years long rule. It is one of the most prominent areas for migratory birds in the entire India, and the famous Dr Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is an integral part of this island today.

people taking a cultural city walk at margao

The Cultural City Walk at Margao

The cultural capital of Goa, Margao is known for its rich cultural history and historic architectural landmarks that attract hordes of tourists every year. This trail explores this bustling city – with a focus on local stories and unknown trivia. This Portuguese-era tour is a must on your South Goa things to do list!

We cover all the important structures of this city, including a structure that hosted one of the greatest thinkers of the modern era.