A Heritage Fort Stay Near Delhi

Staying at luxury resorts that ooze ancient charm, accompanied by age-old secrets in its aura have become something of a trend. It is an experience that has received a mammoth amount of attention and intrigue. Delhi, the capital of India, is filled with such regal resorts that create a royal ambience. One such destination is the ever-popular Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, a heavenly resort in Manesar that promises a heritage stay near Delhi. The name says it all, doesn’t it? This colossal Manesar fort sits right off the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. Nestled in 12 acres of manicured greenery, Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Manesar greets you with open arms to experience what the kings felt!

Experiences at the Rajasthani Haveli

The inspiration behind the creation of this Rajasthani-style haveli was the architectural grandeur of Jaipur. The land of princes and princesses, Jaipur has a certain majestic glamour that is alluring to many. To preserve and do justice to that very essence, Heritage Village Resorts & Spa came to life. The inspiration can be felt through the architecture of this resort, the choice of warm shades, the decor of rooms and the overall appearance of the fort. Not just that, the resort is a hotpot of cultural celebrations, witnessing a range of folk musicals and dance performances.

 Boutique Resort in Manesar
indian food offered at Mardan, a restaurant in Manesar 2

For the complete authentic Rajasthani experience, the many restaurants at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa conjure dishes that commemorate its culture. The Mughal-style multi-cuisine restaurant, Suvarna Mahal, welcomes you to indulge in an appetising feast covering rich flavours. The ambience holds true to the Jaipuri culture as the chamber is exquisitely decorated with regal designs and symbols on the walls, which beautifully complement the dim lights.

The regal experience continues to the accommodations! With a total of 5 different room categories, the heritage resort promises a blissful sojourn like no other! The rooms are painted with calming shades with beautiful wall designs. From the pillows to the furniture, every accessory in the rooms are curated with a regal touch. Even the names of the rooms are quite smartly done - Heritage Superior, Heritage Premium, Aangan Suites, Haveli Suites and Heritage Villa.

bedroom of the Aangan Suites at Heritage Village Resorts and Spa
Woman enjoying hair treatment in spa at  a luxury resort in delhi

The cherry on top? Heritage Village Resorts & Spa offers a deluxe spa - Aruna, where you can revitalise your soul and rejuvenate yourself. As you walk through the doors of the spa, you will feel your senses soothed, and your tensed muscles unclenching. With an array of holistic Ayurvedic treatments and therapeutic massages, your mind and body will be pampered to its very core. It is the perfect way to end your royal experience at our Manesar Fort, Gurgaon!