Ideas for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

At the age of rampant social media posting, wedding photoshoots have rendered quite the “likes”! If you are planning a regal wedding at a majestic destination, then ideating a royal pre wedding shoot at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa in Manesar can be the right way to achieve it.

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa promotes an aura of elegance, luxury, and regency that enables them to create a variety of themes for pre wedding shoot. It is a Rajasthani Haveli, influenced by the aristocratic look of the Jaipuri palaces. Surrounded by 12 acres of lush green carpet, the resort in Manesar offers a grand appearance for snapping the perfect wedding pictures with your beloved.

Be the Queen to His King

Due to the resort’s regal ambience, the most popular photoshoot idea would be to go majestic and royal! Our resort makes your dreams a reality, thanks to a powerful team of professional photographers, wedding planners, and decorators. Our stylists at the salon help transform you and your partner into a striking royal couple so that the camera never stops clicking! Pose in front of our beguiling architecture and let the aristocratic vibe engulf you.

Thus, if you are planning for a traditional pre wedding photoshoot, then this is the best way to go about it!

Chic and Sophisticated

Planning the perfect pre wedding photoshoot can be quite the task. Selecting the perfect location, the dress, the make-up, and the pose can be challenging. But with our team of competent wedding planners, you have nothing to fret about!

Keeping it simple is the new chic! It is riveting and definitely a crowd-puller. If you wish to keep it pure as white, and elegant without going over the board, Heritage Village Resorts & Spa will help you capture that very essence to the T.

Couple during a pre-wedding shoot

Amidst the Flowers: The Blooming Effect

Starting a new chapter with your soulmate can be thrilling. It is a blooming and exciting beginning of something novel. To personify that very emotion, our resort can create the most phenomenal backdrop of pristine and colourful flowers. A vibrant idea that expresses love through blossoms is one of the most romantic ideas for pre wedding photoshoot. Our perfectly manicured lush greens and landscape pose to be the most enthralling backdrops for the perfect click. We ensure that our team curates the most magical silhouette that reflects your desires accurately.

Destination Wedding near Delhi
Destination Wedding near Delhi

Vintage Pre Wedding Shoot near Delhi

Going vintage for your pre wedding shoot is certainly one of the most likeable ideas. Manesar is a heritage place, which is known for its majestic aura, palaces, forts, and the royal Rajasthani magic! A photoshoot amid the romantic and awe-inspiring backdrops in Manesar is sure to enhance your pre wedding memories. The heart-throbbing culture present here is perfect to emit a vintage vibe.

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa is a dream destination for pre wedding photoshoots. It is a heritage property in Manesar that aims to create indelible experiences for engaged couples. So, if you are looking for the perfect regal wedding photoshoots and destination weddings in Manesar, think Heritage Village Resorts & Spa!