Gift Ideas for Diwali

A diya being held 2

Diwali is one of those special occasions where people come together and we can feel an aura of happiness and prosperity enveloping us. The smiles, the laughter, the fun and games, if only the spirit of the season remains forever. One thing that does last, are the memories we make around our loved ones.

One of the ways we show our appreciation and care for the people in our lives is through gifts. The joy of gifting and the pure bliss of receiving treats are unmatched. Apart from a sweet gesture, gifting has always been a Diwali tradition followed for decades. One of the items commonly gifted for Diwali is mithai. These simple yet tempting gifts are undoubtedly one of the best things about Diwali. They are present in every store and household to the point they act as ornamentation to the festivities. Trays and boxes of laddoos, barfi, gulab jamun, halwa and phirni resting on counters, aisles and behind glass windows call you towards them with their irresistible semblance. Every time a relative comes up to you with an open box of sweets, you politely take one, while you fantasise about gobbling down the entire collection. Needless to say, we can clearly see why these treats win our hearts more than any other physical gifts even if the latter may last longer.

Laddoos on a plate
Indian sweets for Diwali

If you are looking for gift ideas for Diwali, mithai is a no-brainer. Make sure you remain everyone’s favourite uncle/aunt/cousin by gifting wonderful gift boxes prepared by Heritage Village and Resorts to your nearest and dearest. We have curated the best Diwali gifts that anyone could ask for. With only the finest, toothsome confectionary items such as besan laddoo, coffee chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, baklawa and shortcake, to name a few, our gift packages guarantee utmost satisfaction.

chocolates in a box
basket of chocolate-chipped cookies

Pondering about cool Diwali hamper ideas? Gifting hampers with sweets, chocolates and other goodies are a great way to make sure the titbits can be shared and enjoyed by the whole family. If you are in a dilemma trying to choose the best assortment of confectionaries to make a great hamper, we have got your back. Heritage Mithai Box, Heritage Chocolate Overture Box, Heritage Premium Hamper and Heritage Festival Box are exquisite collections of confectionary items that are carefully selected, categorised and packed by our team ensuring quality and taste. All you have to do is call +91 98 1819 7882 and place your order!


luxurious room with a commodious king size bed and cushy sofa designed with plush interiors
the seating area of Jharokha, one of the best restaurants in Gurgaon

Heritage Village Resorts and Spa also offers top-notch accommodations in Manesar which come embedded with a myriad of amenities. This Diwali, gift your folks a luxurious family getaway to Manesar where they could stay at a Rajasthani Haveli! This is the optimal Diwali gift that you could offer to the people who mean the most to you. If a heavenly sojourn in a luxury resort that has over 6 diners and a deluxe spa is not the best Diwali gift, what even is? We offer numerous packages that come with exciting inclusions to help you get the best deals for your stay.

A lady observing space from a telescope at our resort
Grandfather-grandson using a drone

We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! We provide a range of bewitching experiences such as golf, dinner by the poolside, a cocktail session, a drone-flying session, intimate dinners and a taste of Rajasthani culture through music and dance performances. Stay with Heritage Village Resorts and Spa and live life to the fullest. May this festive season bring you happiness and loads of unforgettable memories!