Weekend Getaway near Delhi

Looking for a luxury weekend getaway near Delhi? Heritage Village Resort & Spa Manesar is the perfect choice, located just 47.8 km away. It's one of the top getaways near Delhi, offering a blend of elegance and comfort for a memorable weekend stay. Explore luxurious retreats close to Delhi at this splendid resort.

Accommodation provided in Heritage Village Resort & Spa in Manesar

Heritage Village Resort & Spa, one of the best luxury weekend getaway resorts near Delhi, offers a range of accommodations including Superior Rooms, Premium Rooms, Aangan Suites, Haveli Suites, and the opulent Heritage Villa with a private pool. These luxurious rooms and suites provide the perfect blend of heritage charm and modern comfort, making it an ideal destination for weekend stays and luxury escapes near Delhi.

A plunge pool in the courtyard inside Heritage Villas - Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Manesar

Stay at Heritage Village Resort & Spa in Manesar

Discover unparalleled luxury at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Manesar. Ideal for luxury weekend getaways near Delhi, the exquisite resort offers contemporary and elegant interiors, ensuring a rejuvenating experience. Perfect for family getaways, romantic serenades, and corporate retreats, Heritage Village promises an unforgettable weekend stay near Delhi, making it the top choice for luxury escapes near the capital.


Heritage Village Resort & Spa in Manesar offers an exceptional range of activities perfect for a luxury weekend getaway near Delhi. Guests can enjoy cricket, kayaking, golf cart rides, mini golf, and RC aircraft activities. For a more relaxing experience, indulge in a Victoria carriage ride, master chef cooking sessions, stargazing, scuba diving, and yoga sessions. Whether you're seeking a weekend stay or a luxury escape near Delhi, this resort promises an unforgettable experience with its diverse activity zone.

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Nearby Attractions

Nestled in the heart of Manesar, Heritage Village Resort & Spa offers a perfect luxury weekend getaway near Delhi. Explore nearby attractions like the serene Manesar Golf Course, the vibrant Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, the tranquil beauty of Damdama Lake, and the culturally rich Urusvati Museum of Folklore. For nature enthusiasts, the breathtaking Aravali Hills provide a stunning backdrop for a memorable weekend stay near Delhi. Ideal for luxury escapes, this resort ensures a blend of relaxation and adventure.

Weekend Getaway Offers

Experience an unforgettable luxury weekend getaway at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Manesar. Our exclusive weekend package offers complimentary activities, a delightful buffet breakfast and dinner, and evening high tea with snacks accompanied by live music. We also have many other offers available to suit different preferences and occasions. Discover one of the best resorts near Delhi for a perfect weekend stay, and indulge in a luxury escape just a short drive from the city.

exterior facade of Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar lit up at night

Experience the epitome of luxury at Heritage Village Resort & Spa, Manesar, the premier choice for weekend getaways near Delhi. This resort offers an unparalleled weekend stay near Delhi, perfect for those seeking luxury escapes just a short drive from the city.