Welcome to Goa in the monsoon, where a mystical transformation takes place and the landscape comes alive with nature's brushstrokes. The best area to stay in Goa for couples and explore this romantic weather is Heritage Village Resorts & Spa in central Goa.

Goa in Monsoon

Goa is a huge place to explore by itself and consists of many areas with beaches as their primary attraction. But when it comes to couples, all they want is solace and peace away from the day-to-day hustle. Heritage Resort in Goa is the best place to stay in Goa in monsoon, especially designed for those romantic couples who are looking for a peaceful and luxurious stay.

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couple in Goa

Perks for Couples in South Goa

While all of Goa is worth exploring, couples are highly recommended to look out for a stay in South Goa as it is less crowded and away from the regular Goan tourist hustle. North Goa is close to Vagator which is great for water sports while Baga Beach is great for parties and chilling at shacks. South Goa, with its pristine natural beauty, tranquil ambience and less-crowded beaches, is ideal for couples in search of privacy and serenity.

Arossim Beach: An Enchanting Retreat for Couples

Among the many gems of South Goa, Arossim Beach stands out as one of the best places to stay for couples seeking a romantic escapade. This secluded beach offers pristine stretches of golden sand, where you can enjoy leisurely walks hand in hand while relishing the gentle touch of the monsoon breeze. The peaceful surroundings and breathtaking sunsets of this couple stay in Goa create an idyllic backdrop for creating cherished memories with your loved one.

Arossim Beach Goa
Guests doing Yoga on yoga mats kept on a lawn at our resort with activities in South Goa - Heritage Village, Goa

Our Special Offer for Couples This Monsoon

Experience an unforgettable honeymoon with our exclusive offer Honeymoon Tryst, providing luxurious accommodations, romantic dinners and more. Here are some of the inclusions in the package:
  • Couple Yoga session
  • Bathtub and room decoration
  • Beer bucket, soft beverages and minibar
  • 15% discount on Food & Beverage, Spa and Laundry
  • Complimentary Live Entertainment
  • Romantic Candlelight dinner by the Poolside/Chutney Deck

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, Goa, offers customers a range of enticing amenities and experiences for a memorable stay. With luxurious accommodations, including well-appointed suites, guests can indulge in comfort and relaxation. The provides a tranquil and serene ambience, making it the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Goa.

Additionally, the resort offers a variety of dining options, including romantic candlelight dinners by the poolside or at the charming Chutney restaurant. This couple's stay also offers exciting activities like Yoga sessions, Live Band Performances, Excursions and Activities, Movie time and more that couples can enjoy together. If you are looking for a long stay in Goa, read this blog.