Known as the party capital of India, Goa is a place that needs no introduction. The place is so vibrant and packed with things to see that every few kilometres will take you to a new neighbourhood with a different vibe. The best time to visit Goa is between mid-November to mid-February owing to the cool climate. This avoids the summer and monsoon seasons and ensures you get the best version of this paradise. Even in this peak season, the biggest crowd is visible during the month of December. The Christmas festivities and the approaching New Year is celebrated with such pomp and grandeur that no other place in India comes even close. The Portuguese-inspired architecture all around, the gentle waves lapping on beaches, and the brightly lit atmosphere all feels a bit different and mystical during this time. Now, you must be wondering what to pack for Goa in December? Fret not, because we've got you covered! The peculiar thing about Goa during the winter season is that although the days are as hot as ever, the nights get nippier than usual.

You will find several packing tips for Goa online these days. Some detailed, some not so much and some totally outdated. We will try to keep it simple here, so that your overpacked suitcase won't turn into a hassle during your Goan expedition!


You can't go to Goa and return without a dip in the clear waters. Whatever the season may be, the allure of the countless Goan beaches is simply irresistible. Hit the beach in your swimsuit, bikini or swim shorts - whichever you are comfortable with. Carry a couple of them if you plan on an extended stay. You can also buy them for cheap from the stores here. A sarong/coverup along with your bikini is ideal for women while loose shirts/t-shirts with shorts are perfect for men.

goa trip packing essentials - swimwear
goa trip packing essentials - clothes


Clothes usually take up the most space when you are travelling, so we advise you to pack only the essential stuff. You don't have to carry everything from home because whatever you need is always available at streetside stalls at cheap prices. They will be made of ideal materials suited to these conditions so you don't have to worry about ruining your expensive ones. Regarding the rest, 2-3 shorts/jeans and shirts for men and maxi dresses, t-shirts, palazzos or crop tops and shorts for women should do the trick. Clothes with separate/multiple pieces allow you to mix and match and have all the fun while keeping your luggage load on the low side. Natural fibres like linen, cotton and silk are the best. Remember to carry a jacket, full-sleeved shirts and pants for December because even if the days remain hot, the nights tend to get a bit chilly. Getting clothes laundered is also an easy task here, so pack light!


Just a sandal for comfort and a shoe is what we recommend and this is for when you are exploring anything except the beach. You can always buy cheap, high-quality flip flops near any beach so you can strike that right off of your list. Heels are a big no-no for women unless they plan on attending functions and parties.

goa trip packing essentials - footwear
goa trip packing essentials - accessories


  1. Sunglasses - Carry your favourite and comfy one. If you don't have one lying around, worry not since all the stalls in Goa will have something cheap and functional that will attract your eyes.
  2. Hats - A hat will usually take up a bit more space in a suitcase than required. So our recommendation is to always buy one after you have reached your destination. A bucket or floppy hat is ideal for women while fedoras, boaters or snapbacks are best for men.
  3. Scarf - An extremely useful accessory for women. It can be used when it gets extremely hot during the day or a bit nippy at night.
  4. Tote Bag - A waterproof tote bag will be your perfect companion that can carry all your essentials.

Makeup and Toiletries

Makeup is pretty much wasted on a beach with the sun glaring down on you and the sand and salty air sticking to your face. Instead, we recommend you use a judicious amount of sunscreen, sunblock, or lotion according to your preferences and skin. Carrying a lip balm is also a good idea. A conditioner and a hairbrush are also essential to ensure your hair doesn't get too damaged during your expedition days.

goa trip packing essentials - toiletries
man holding his phone and power bank


  1. Power Bank - Always carry a power bank to ensure that your phone or camera doesn't run out of juice precisely when needed. The heat can cause such devices to overheat and lose their backup fast.
  2. Liquid Cash - Always carry some hard cash with you. Although online payment methods have permeated the Goan markets, it is always advisable to carry some in case of any emergencies. But, as always, be sure to keep your wallet safe and secure!
  3. Umbrella - Not exactly an essential, but you can never know when it could come of use.
  4. Beach Towels - Something that is usually forgotten or rather ignored for convenience, having a beach towel while you are planning to splash around all day might not be a bad idea.

That concludes our Goa packing checklist. So pack your (hopefully lighter) bags and get ready for the thrills and spills of Goa. For the best experience, we also recommend a stay at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, which can be your haven after an eventful day of adventure and exploration. Soothe yourself with a spa session and later, glide into beautiful sleep after a meal worth remembering.