Everyone in the country or travellers from the world have known and fancied Goa as the party capital of India. Feet start tapping to mind-blasting EDM and eyes glitters with neon-lit party destination as soon as one utters GOA. Amidst all the water sports, suntans, chilled beer, and strong shots of tequila, there’s a part of Goa that has been less noticed like the silent person in a room full of chatterboxes. It is not a destination that often keeps a night young amongst trip planners, but will definitely fill your heart once visited. On the flip side of this party destination is South Goa, a softer, quieter, cleaner, and definitely way more peaceful from the hustle & bustle of North Goa. Southern Goa and its tranquil beaches are lesser trodden paths but South Goa attractions are perfect for souls that long for a laid-back pace of life, exotic beaches, and magic in solitude.

So, here is a bucket list of the best places to visit in South Goa if you love zooming around and zoning out while whiling away time on the restful beaches. Let’s get started!


Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is the gem of Goa and one of the cleanest and calmest beaches in the entire South. This beach was not explored until a few years ago but has gained popularity in no time. Offering spellbinding scenic views from both ends, Palolem is a wonderful beach to escape from the noisy Goa. This beautiful beach is one of the must-visit places in South Goa.

beach shacks on Palolem Beach
red lobsters on a plate



Seafood lovers, we have a great destination and a must-visit place in South Goa. Benaulim is located on the south of Margaon and apart from its tantalizing seafood; it is also quite a beautiful beach to relax. This place gets even better at night with its dazzling culture that will entice anyone who sets his foot in Goa.


Butterfly Beach

Let’s uncover a secret beach in Goa that’s romantic and adventurous. Butterfly beach is a small semicircular beach near Palolem where thousands of butterflies paint the white sand. If you are a fervent admirer of the butterflies, then this beach is an amazing choice for you to get a closer look at the various species.

butterfly beach
aerial view of agonda beach


Agonda Beach

As promised earlier, South Goa is the best destination for unwinding, visit Agonda Beach to reach the peak. This beach is perfect to get pampered and do nothing while chilling with your friends. It is also one of the only 4 sites in Goa known for turtle nesting. It is just the right place escape to into peace and tranquility.


Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a stunning 4-tiered waterfall that will make your heart skip a beat. You can see this gorgeous waterfall from the upcountry trains or have a bird’s eye view while flying to Goa. Although it’s quite famous among shutterbugs, no camera can do justice to its beauty. The panoramic view of the milky white water gushing against the rocks and the bright greenery rejoicing its music is makes it one of the must-visit tourist attractions in South Goa.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls