Goa, which is located on India's western coast, is a haven for ardent birdwatchers as well as beach lovers. Goa has a rich habitat for a variety of bird species because of its different ecosystems, which range from mangroves and wetlands to forests and the coastline. Discovering Goa's diverse birdlife is a magical experience that reveals the area's undiscovered gems, whether you're an experienced birder or a beginner with a love for nature.

What to Expect?

Birdwatching in Goa is popular due to the wide variety of habitats that support over 450 different bird species. Each feathered creature, whether a resident bird or a migratory visitor, adds a distinctive note to the symphony of Goa's avian life. The environment is graced year-round by resident species like Indian Peafowl, Malabar Pied Hornbill and Asian Koel, while migratory species like the Lesser Whistling Duck and Northern Shoveler arrive in the winter, enhancing the experience of birdwatching.


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, one of the best places for birding in Goa, is located in the centre of the state. The sanctuary, which bears Dr Salim Ali's name, is known for its abundant avian life and includes mangroves, tidal flats and canals. You can spot colourful kingfishers, stately herons and elusive mangrove pittas as you walk along the sanctuary's lush trails. An unforgettable experience is produced by the symphony of calls, the sight of beautiful flights and the tranquillity of the surroundings. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary fosters a deep connection with nature and serves as a portal to the fascinating world of bird watching in Goa.

Curtorim Wetlands

The Curtorim Wetlands are a tranquil paradise for birdwatchers and are tucked away amid the charming Old Goa. This hidden gem is home to a diverse collection of bird species among lush vegetation and peaceful waters. You'll come across the graceful Purple Heron, the delicate Pheasant-tailed Jacana and the jovial White-throated Kingfisher as you stroll through the marshes. Pure tranquillity is created by the melody of faraway calls and rustling leaves. A tribute to the grandeur of nature, Curtorim Wetlands provides an insight into the peaceful cohabitation of Goa's rich heritage and diverse birdlife.


Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most famous birding spots in Goa, is located in the centre of Goa. This sanctuary is home to a variety of avian species within lush forests and beautiful paths. You'll come across the colourful Flame-throated Bulbul, the secretive Malabar Trogon and the captivating Black-capped Kingfisher as you explore. The air is filled with a symphony of calls, with each stride adding a new note. Bondla, a peaceful haven for birds and enthusiasts, creates a vivid picture of nature's splendour and encourages a close relationship with Goa's abundant birdlife.

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