The rain Gods pay a yearly visit to the state of Goa during the months of June, July and August. During these months, the sea-side state receives a bountiful amount of showers which wash over the land, renewing it with life. The plantations and the vegetation cover bloom with vibrant green colours, while the lakes, waterfalls and the sea are filled to the brim with water. The ambience is bound to rejuvenate you as you bask in the beauty of Nature in her glory. Besides, Goa also welcomes the season with joyous festivals which only adds to the experience, making it unforgettable! Here are some things to do and places to visit in Goa, during the season of rain.

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Things to do in Goa during monsoons

Go on an exhilarating trek across Goan terrains

Goa is known for its off-beat trekking adventures. Some of the most famous trekking points are at their prime during the monsoon months. Udaan Dongor, one of the more famous treks, is a must for those who love indulging in photography for this trek is dotted with captivating sceneries, perfect for lenses. This trek takes about 6 hours to complete and begins at Panjim, with preliminary safety training. Trekkers navigate through the rugged terrain embraced in the wilderness to reach their destination.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can opt for the Vagheri Mountain trek. This 7 km trek takes an hour to complete and takes you to the top of the highest peak in the region. The starting point of this trek is Chorla Ghats, easily reachable via road. This daunting trail calls for enthusiasm, but trekkers have deemed the trek to be worthy of all their efforts.

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Intrepid Safaris at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Satiate the thrill-seeker in you by going on wildlife safaris at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. Located in northeastern Goa, this sanctuary is home to a myriad of native flora and fauna species including the Indian Boar and Mugger Crocodile. Birdwatchers can feast their eyes on the various species of birds nesting in the thick canopies. Some of the most sighted birds include the Rose-ringed Parakeet, the Alexandrine Parakeet, the Plum-headed Parakeet and the Silver Pheasant. You might also catch the mesmerising sight of a peacock preparing for its dance and flaunting its striking feathers to welcome the rain.

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Exuberant Monsoon Festivals

Goan natives welcome the rains with spirited festivals. The most famous amongst these, Sao Joao, marks the beginning of the monsoons. Celebrated on 24th June every year, the festival holds great significance in the Catholic community, celebrated in reverence to St. John the Baptist. The festival involves locals leaping into wells, springs or pools and truly captures the spirit of Goa through its colours and traditions. There are food stalls selling the best local flavours. And the best thing about this festival? It is open to everyone including tourists! Immerse in the lively festivities, visit colourful shops, and enjoy folk dance performances.

Best places to visit in Goa during monsoons

Dudhsagar Falls

This famous waterfall is a sight to behold during any season. However, during the monsoon months, the waterfall can be seen roaring with life as it is filled to its maximum capacity. Mandovi river drops from a height of 320 m to create this four-tiered cascading waterfall. The popular tourist attraction is located 60 km from Panjim, on the Belgaum–Vasco da Gama rail route and can be easily reached via road or train.

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Fort Aguada


Fort Aguada is possibly the most accurate representation of a seventeenth-century Portuguese fort. The magnificent fort has tourists visiting all around the year. However, during the monsoons, the sea waves lapping against the rugged walls of the fort make for a breathtaking sight. The fort also has an old lighthouse and is a protected monument of great importance in Goa.