When you hear someone mention Goa, the first things that come to mind are basking in the sun on immaculate beaches and parties that go on all night. But there is another side to Goa - one that is closely hidden in nature and surrounded by thick forests, flowing streams, and panoramic undulations. Let us look at some wildlife sanctuaries of Goa where you can observe these features and be awestruck by them.

Take a Stroll Through Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary


Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary gets its name from Salim Ali, the esteemed ornithologist. It is a swampy mangrove habitat on the western tip of Chorao Island. Also called an ‘ornithologist's paradise’, this sanctuary is home to some exotic birds. A tall watchtower lets you sneak a peek into the lives of some fascinating creatures like eagles and Redshanks. This spot is perfect for visitors who want to relax and float away to the music of the chirping birds. 

golden eagle in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Safari Ride Through Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Go on a Safari Ride Through Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary


Bondla is among the smallest wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. However, it is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. From large beasts like Indian bison to a variety of peafowl, this sanctuary brings you close to the wild in many ways. You can either go out on a safari or choose to stay at a jungle resort to experience the essence of the sanctuary. And if you are feeling adventurous, you can choose to explore one of the several nature trails in the area. 

Explore the Rich Diversity of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary


No conversation about the wildlife of Goa is complete without a mention of this slice of paradise. Surrounded by lush green meadows, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is particularly known for the imposing twin waterfalls of Vazra Sakla and Virdi. The sanctuary is home to a variety of exotic species including Barking Deer - the sight of which leaves visitors in awe! Visitors are advised to exercise caution as some tiger cubs have been known to patrol the area.

Rich Diversity of Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
indian leopard in Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Soak into the Beauty of Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled away in the immaculate forests of the Kali River basin, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for adventure seekers. Flanked by deciduous woods and evergreen meadows, this sanctuary is home to fascinating species like panther and Indian Cobra. Spread over 211 sq. km., Netravali has several bodies of water sprawling across its stretch that are perfect for dipping your feet in for a quick unwinding session.

Wander Around Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

If you like observing delicate wildlife ecosystems, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary promises to be an enthralling adventure. An observation deck hidden on the top of a tall tree brings you close to the diverse range of wildlife that calls this place home. From flying lizards to White-bellied woodpeckers, visitors get the chance to get up close and personal with the sanctuary’s residents. Additionally, the spot has several natural treks that you can try!

lush greenery surrounding Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The list of wildlife sanctuaries of Goa seems unending. Some other honourable mentions include Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary - which is among the largest wildlife preserves in Goa, and Mollem National Park in Sanguem.

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