South Goa is known for its quiet ambience. The tranquil side of the coastal state is visited by tourists who prefer leisurely strolls and exploring its rich culture and heritage. If you are someone who is yearning for an adventure to South Goa but is always held back by the fear of leaving your pets behind, then worry no more! There are plenty of pet-friendly resorts in South Goa that are ready to pamper your furry friends. Heritage Village Resorts & Spa in Arrosim is one such resort. It is a Portuguese-style abode that offers a plethora of fun-filled activities that can be enjoyed by all.

A Walk Along Arrosim Beach

Arrosim Beach is a 5-minute walk from Heritage Village Resorts & Spa, our pet-friendly resort in Goa. It is a secluded beach that is ideal for casual saunters with your pets. Play a game of catch with your dogs or just sit on the golden sand and marvel at the blue waves. You can also eat delicious seafood dishes from the many shacks at the beach.

a man playing with his dogs on the beach
a woman eating food with her pet

Visit Pet-friendly Restaurants

South Goa is dotted with a number of pet-friendly restaurants. BENO is a pupper-friendly cafe in Benaulim that is the perfect breakfast spot. The cafe offers fresh brews, crepes and a casual vibe to enjoy. They have cabana-like sit-outs where your pets can enjoy the fresh air and binge on meals and drinks. The Lazy Goose is another pet-friendly restaurant located under Nerul Bridge. The breathtaking views from the restaurant are sure to create a vibe that both you and your pets can enjoy. Other pet-friendly restaurants include Babazin's, Robin's Ark and Chef Peter’s Kitchen.

Activities to Enjoy with Pets

Pets always offer an amicable company. When you take them on your little vacations, you no longer have to worry about them or miss them. As you explore the streets of South Goa, you can take part in a number of fun-filled activities with your furry friends. Take a quaint boat ride with your pet and explore the many beautiful views on offer. You can also teach your pets new tricks and play hide and seek with them, go to some of the most pristine beaches of South Goa and plan a picnic.

an owner playing with his pet dog
a dog laying on the bed

A Luxury Stay at Heritage Village Resorts & Spa

Heritage Village Resorts & Spa is a pet-friendly beach resort in Goa that bestows guests with a luxurious stay option. Right by Arrosim Beach, the resort offers 4 types of rooms with modern facilities and pristine views. To fulfil your gastronomical wishes, head out to the 5 different dining options. The resort lets you enhance your stay by offering a range of bespoke activities and experiences like beach picnics and island exploration, which you can enjoy with your pets. If you are planning a visit to South Goa with your pet, read our blog to learn more about how to Explore Arrosim Beach in its purest form!