Goa, as you know, is a haven for tourists. This small yet happening state booms with energetic nightlife, immaculately preserved Portuguese attractions and churches, vibrant streets and its biggest gift - its pristine beaches. Tourists flock to Goa to get a taste of this paradise that never disappoints its visitors in any way. While the biggest treasures that visitors can take back home are obviously the memories of the quality time spent here, you can also take back souvenirs for friends and family, or perhaps even make them a little jealous if that's what you're going for! This is where the importance of shopping comes in and believe it when you hear it, the shopping possibilities here are just endless. From street shops to grand malls, shopping markets and the cute flea markets that pop up around the blocks occasionally, it's literally a field day out there. But it is also important to know the best among the rest which is where this blog comes into the picture. Here, we introduce you to the best shopping places in South Goa that can keep up with your shopping spree!

Colva Beach Market

If chic outfits, quality souvenirs and stylish accessories are your picks of the day, then the bustling beach market of Colva is your destination. From top-of-the-line luxury brands to sturdy handcrafted local products, you can find some real gems at discounted prices if you have a keen eye. If you also have the bargaining skills to top it off, then you are in for a treat!

colourful items at goa shopping market
colourful items at goa shopping market

Margao Municipal Market

Are you an impulsive buyer whose eyes light up every time you see something unique and beautiful up for sale? Margao Municipal Market is one of the best places to shop in South Goa. Starting from local condiments for your kitchen and scaling up to big furniture, you have everything in between available here. The sellers are friendly and laid back, the market being closed from 1-4 PM is the perfect testament to that. You might want to park at a distance and walk to reach here as finding a parking space is difficult and confusing. All that time can be meanwhile used to spend a little more and dig a bit deeper for that hidden treasure amongst the plenty offered here.

Golden Heart Emporium

Any book lovers out there? Then Golden Heart Emporium at Margao is a must-visit. Clearly evident from the shelves crammed with books from floor to ceiling, and housing perhaps the best collection of authentic Goan literary artists, it is one of the best bookstalls in the state. It also has a cybercafe for you to sit and browse or chat along with your friends.

books at Golden Heart Emporium
crowded shopping street in goa

Palolem Beach Market

Purchase all things touristy ranging from clothes and accessories to all things distinctive to Goa at Palolem Beach Market. Although there are some who say that it looks more like a collection of stalls popped up near the beach than a proper market, you’ll get to pick some of the best trinkets and ensembles here. The professed hippie culture of the market adds a certain charm and ambiguity to the area, thereby attracting even more curious onlookers and shoppers to its stretch.

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